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Just starting out with Poker

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1Just starting out with Poker Empty Just starting out with Poker Wed Dec 14, 2011 11:03 am


Hey guys,

I've dabbled with poker in the past, playing home games with friends and other students and stuff and stumbled across these forums mentioned in a poker news article I read, so thought I'd sign up and take a look around, and then I realised there seems to be a lot more to the game than what I'd initially thought!

Been lurking here for a few days before signing up just reading a few of the threads and thought I'd try my hand at the 180 man sit and go's, as they seem to be pretty popular here. Before then I've just played the big 5000+ field tournaments and never really had any big scores, few hundred occasionally but not very often. Played 5 sit and go's now and managed to reach the final table in 2, but unfortunately only in 8th place!

I'm keen to learn though and become a more all round player and apply some of the theory which seems to be discussed a lot amongst players on here, but it's all a bit overwhelming as to where to start, so I was just wondering whether someone could point me in the direction of a basic starting program I can work my way up with, or whether there is anything else in particular I should be using to improve my game.

Thanks very much and look forward to posting more here!

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